We are passionate about protecting our families, our freedom and the 2nd Amendment. This website was created for gun owners to share gun control awareness and to stand together throughout this great nation, against a common cause; The Right to Bear Arms.

For a significant minority of Americans, firearms represent individualism, independence, and self-reliance. In the eyes of citizens who connect these values to gun ownership, the vast majority of whom obey the law and pay their taxes, like their guns and intend to keep them.

Recent major news stories of the misuse of firearms has brought to our attention the urgent need to get the message out there again. Our website will be used to provide firearm education to all gun owners in the proper use, handling and storage of firearms.

We are also concerned about our families everyday personal safety and we will write and explore articles that target these subjects.

If I’ve learned one thing in the past 30-some years I’ve been a gun-owner, I know the price of freedom is eternal vigilance. So we are joining the voices of other Americans across the nation, speaking out, defending our constitutional right;
to keep and bear firearms and to be allowed to defend ourselves, our families and our homes. Please share our message and stand with us as united gun owners of America.

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