A BUG-OUT WEEKEND, Is there a long weekend coming up for you? This would be a good opportunity to test out your bug-out weekend preparedness. You don’t have to do anything that would not be a usual activity on a three-day weekend, just go camping. The challenge is that you only take what you have prepared to take on a minutes notice. So the challenge is on Friday night you and your family members pick up the pre-packed items, get in the car and drive to a State or National Park or to a wilderness area and see how you do surviving with only what you packed for three days.

Consider what you will need, number one a bag to carry everything in, appropriate clothing that you will be wearing. A quick change from your daily wear to your bug-out clothes is fair enough, but your bug-out clothes should be set aside so no searching around would be necessary. Think about how a firefighter stands ready to get dressed when the fire alarm goes off. No, you don’t have to have your clothes stacked beside your bed ready to jump into, but the clothes should be together ready to be put on.

Every thing to sustain life and a semblance of comfort should be at hand ready to go on your back. How long would it take to strip, re-dress, slip on a backpack, strap on a belt and walk off? I’d say 5-10 minutes if that.

What is going to take the longest time is figuring out what to take and putting it together for a bug-out weekend. In the following video Ashley Cawley, an experienced camper, of Natural Bush Craft tell us what he takes. Things to consider is how you will shelter yourself and sleep comfortably, what will you eat, how you will prepare your food, are you going to cook the food or heat yourself with a fire? What first aid items should you take? Fortunately it seems you have time to research and organise this now, if a major fire, storm or other disaster is headed for you will have little to no time to get this together.

You don’t have to be a dooms day prepper to be prepared for a commonly occurring disasters. You think no disaster is coming your way? A few years back the lease likely place for a “Bug-Out” type of disaster was the Oakland Hills across the Bay from San Francisco, a safe upscale urban community, whose biggest worry was the daily commute. They were hit by a forest fire and then neighbourhood fire that gave them only minutes to grab their things and leave. It could happen!