Do you know the difference between bugging out or back packing? It might be that you would need to bug out for a variety of reasons. Consider this is an emergency and you have to grab what you can and go. First off you should have all that you need packed and ready to go. Next you have to carry it. You may have a nice four-wheel drive vehicle that seems like it could go anywhere, that is a good option to start with, toss your heavy pack in the back, so far you are good, then you encounter the impassable, from a traffic jam to major road damage and you have to hike out from there. You will know then if you’ve miscalculated your capacity to carry what you have packed. You’ll know, REAL QUICK! You need bugging out with a backpack.

Then into the hike and into the next few days, you will learn other things about your preparedness or lack there of.

I would recommend you try a bit of backpacking, it is a great activity, will keep you fitter and teach you what works and may turn into a recreation you will enjoy for many years.

  1. Pack up your bugging out backpack and go for a hike. No need to eat or drink much, just a hike around the neighborhood, say while walking the dog. And/or a day backpacking hike, eat lunch and return would be fun.

  2. Try an overnight backpacking hike. There are many recreation areas that are ideal for this.

  3. Then go for 3-4 days.

  4. The ultimate test, go into a wilderness area and try to live off the land. Bit of planning and woodsmen skills needed here. How long do you think you would last by gathering plants and fishing? Our ancestors did it their whole lives of about 30 years.

Below is a good video made by Samuel, a person who backpacks around the world. He has a different view than most “preppers” as to what should go into a backpack. But really the only difference is he has no need for food, water, or extreme weather or sleeping outside. Though I know that a sleeping bag would come in handy in many Youth Hostel or Red Cross type accommodations.