The sins of our fathers is a biblical reference. In the Bible it refers to the custom of punishing people for the sins (crimes) committed by their relatives. This was a custom practiced by pagans, the Christians changed that – sort of. They no longer made it a practise for the government to punish people for their father’s crimes, but to this day communities do punish people for the sins of their fathers. It may not be right or nice, people are not always nice. White people are still held responsible for all the ills suffered by blacks, browns, and other minorities. No historical perspective is taken into account, there is just a blanket, knee jerk, reaction to lay all the blame on whites. Many if not most white people in America accept this as true and feel, at lest politically, minorities should be “taken care of”. Historically it is true whites do not seem to have acted in a very nice way toward other races, cultures or religions. But consider this NO OTHER PEOPLE DID EITHER People in general are not very nice. Now you may point to some group of people  that never did anything that was not nice, I doubt there is such a group, but if you did, it would be a very small group, that never had any power or authority over anyone.

Slavery is the big one that the finger is pointed at whites as being the worst thing a person could do. Like it was the white people who invented slavery!? So the situation was that it was all but impossible to get someone to work in the Americas on cotton or sugarcane plantations, but the demand for cotton and sugar was very high. Even today with extensive mechanisation cotton and sugar is very hard work. Blacks made ideal slaves, because they were strong and easily identifiable. A black slave could be bought in Africa for 50 cents or less, the cost of a string of beads and sold in Louisiana for thousands of dollars. A slave ship would make millions, and that is a lot of money today, then it was an unimaginable fortune in the 1800s.  Better than the cocaine or heroin trade today, but then it was LEGAL then semi-legal. Not until after the Civil War was slavery illegal.

So the whole thing about slavery seems pretty awful, for the collecting them in Africa to the transporting of them in slave ships to the harsh treatment on the plantations and it was, but what is seldom mentioned is the world was a hash place then. White people in England working in the factories processing that cotton, were working under harsher conditions than a slave in the Americas. These black slaves did not come from a free Africa, conditions there were also appalling.

Then realise it was not blacks “yearning to be free” that set them free. It is white people  in England, Europe and the Americas,who knew slavery was wrong and some 300,000 plus white people died, on the Union side, in the Civil War that finally ended slavery in the USA. It would have been nice if Lincoln had not died before reconstruction. I like to believe Lincoln and the Republican Party would have prevented Jim Crow laws.

Just as it seems we are coming together the race baiters refuse to leave Jim Crow behind. Instead of feeling proud of surviving the sea passage to America and generations of slavery, black Americans are encouraged to still feel put upon. Maybe they think they would be better off if just left alone in Africa and they may be right, I’ll give them they are right, that every thing they say goes without any argument against them.

Every black actor that has received one too few Oscars is put upon. Every black rapper who does not sell a million copies of “bitches and hoes” to white teens is put upon. Every black athlete who plays before whites in sold out arenas is put upon. Every black politician who is denied another affirmative action bill is put upon. They are all correct and deserve better.

But the worst “put upon” is that they also have to suffer the sins of their fathers, that is all the blacks that come before them. Say what they will, if someone is robbed, assaulted, bullied, and feels generally unsafe around blacks, the next black coming down the pike is going to pay. And the payments are going to add up to where they are today. Little decisions are made over and over again, to avoid blacks. It does not matter who you are or what race you are, political persuasion you are, if you perceive you are not liked, or are in danger you are going to avoid that person or situation.

Famous, wealthy, black Americans, with a straight faces, say they have experienced prejudice, they felt uncomfortable around police, they felt they were stopped by the police for little or no reason, they were denied opportunities because they are black. These are black people who know intimately both the “white” and the “black” worlds in America. They know a white person should never venture into black communities if that white person values their property or their life. Are there exceptions to this rule about black communities? Sure just like there are exceptions about mine fields, often you can just walk right through with no harm coming to you – now try it again.