Could the USA have a weaker president at a time when a strong leader seems to be so badly needed? Barrack Obama has a long list of scandal and failure, most of which can be tolerated, some of which will or has cost lives, American lives and many lives of innocence people who just happened to have been abandoned in the process. Human Rights Watch said on Thursday that fighters inspired by al-Qaeda had executed Iraqi soldiers en masse this month in Tikrit. The world’s future is linked to what America does or in this case does not do. Now lame duck President Obama is negotiating a deal in the sanctions against Iran to halt their development of a nuclear weapon. This delay should give Iran just enough time to develop a nuclear weapon. (Can you visualised Israel as radioactive desert?) Obama is a strong advocate of left leaning political thinking, his grand parents were Communists, he was mentored in his early life and career by Communist and left wing radicals. Obama was schooled in the Islam Religion, a U.S.-based pro-Muslim group that enjoys close ties with the Obama administration has landed on one Arab nation’s list of terrorist organizations. Obama’s participation in Christianity involved attending the Trinity United Church in Chicago, where his pastor Jeremiah Wright, officiated at his wedding to Michelle, baptised his children and shortly after the 911 attack preached “…American’s chickens have come home to roost…God Bless America? No, no, no, God damn America…”  At the start of his political career in Chicago Obama had a close relationship with Bill Ayers, who as a leader of the Weatherman a terrorist group (1969 to early 70’s) Ayers not only advocated terrorism against the USA, but actually committed acts of terrorism. Obama’s left wing credentials are well established. Obama is also black, with all the political orientation that goes along with being black in America. None of this is new news, it is well known to the voters who twice elected Obama and still strongly support him today. No Democrat with any political aspirations would disparage Barrack Obama. So what would the political left do to harm America or the world? Or in their view change America for the better. Obama does not believe America is exceptional and believes America should not be a strong  influence in the world – No military influence, only mild condemnation of other nations, if really pressed to do something. America is no longer the world police, the world can just take care of their own affairs.

Recently Obama visited China where the Chinese leader Xi Jinping through the State controlled media, disparaged Obama as being a weak leader. Then Xi Jinping went on to say that China would not back down on their territorial demands, (Hello japan, Viet Nam, Philippines and other countries boarding the  South China Sea.)  The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) came into power in 1949, at the point of a gun, today the CCP consists of 6% of the Chinese population and when Xi Jinping, whose only job has been a party hack, was nominated there was no chance he would not be elected. China is not a free democracy, it is controlled by one party. Obama did not use this opportunity to address Xi Jinping’s insults or China’s jingoism or the unfair trade practices of China. Obama did not point out that this amazing rise out of poverty of the Chinese people and the rebuilding of the entire Chinese Nation was paid for and is still being paid for by the USA. But Obama did look cute in his Mao jacket.

At the G20 meeting in Brisbane Australia, China who had granted New Zealand a trade agreement, free of tariffs, granted Australia a trade agreement, free of tariffs. Obama who was accompanied by over one thousand (1,000) aids got bupkis (Note, bupkis is a technical term, not Obama’s middle name.)

China has had territorial disputes with most if not all neighbouring countries, including a shooting war with Viet Nam. China invaded and committed genocide in Tibet. The Chinese government is conducting on going cyber attacks against the USA to obtain financial and military advantage. China has never traded fairly with the USA, China continues to manipulate their currency to favor their unfair trade advantage. China’s one favoured neighbour is North Korea, whose leader Kim Jong Un, has just been charged with crimes against human rights, because he is killing people in concentrations camps, at a rate never seen since Nazi occupied Europe or the USSR’s gulags. United Nations members voted decisively for a groundbreaking resolution that condemns North Korea for human rights abuses and for the first time recommends the prosecution of its leaders for crimes against humanity at the International Criminal Court. China is North Korea’s most important diplomatic and economic supporter. China has made some mild protests against Kim Jong Un, but apparently China cannot openly condemn the actions of Korea, because China is directly complicit in a number of those atrocities.

Remember Peking’s Tiananmen Square?  Thousands of civilians were shot and hundreds died at the hands of the Chinese army during a bloody military operation to crush a democratic protest  (Hong Kong, be warned) I hope you get the picture of what happened, thousands of unarmed citizens were protesting, the Ruling Power didn’t like it so they send in a combat ready army to kill them. Where in the civilised world would this happen, let alone be condoned? In what universe is this right? To accept and do business with a government that makes this type of action “government policy” is exactly like supporting Nazi Germany’s holocaust. The list of arrests and acts of suppression of  freedom by the oppressive Chinese government is extensive. I have a hope that this will change before China commits or aids in the commission of many more such acts of horror. I believe hope lies int the fact that it takes an effort to suppress people. Someone has to constantly hold a slave down. People will tire of holding slaves down, the slaves will never tire of wanting to be free.