Degenerate Gambler

Degenerate Gambler

Degenerate gamblers or professional gambler – A professional gambler is not a gambler at all, if that were the case it would be a professional loser. A person who has studied the game or games he makes a living playing and plays it well enough to consistently win is a professional gambler.

So what’s going on with all these others that gamble are they too stupid to win? No they are not, they just are not about winning, they do not gamble, because they care about winning OR loosing. They only want to experience that moment when the wheel is spinning, the dice are bouncing or the horse is running, that moment just before the final result is the most thrilling moment in their lives. They will lay down bet after bet to experience that moment again and again. Just like the dope addict will buy more and more dope to experience that high they have become addicted to. Multi millionaires all over the world gamble heavily, they obviously do not need more money, they need the thrill. If you are a “degenerate gambler” you don’t want any of these products, just continue to enjoy your gaming, you support an industry that makes more money than the illegal narcotics trade.

The rest of you view the following with great caution, many of these programs are likely not to work and to venturing into the “professional gambler” life it like making it a pastime to walk through mine fields.

If you gamble for fun and you are in control of your gambling recreation one or more of these programs will make your gambling MORE FUN. Many of these programs are likely to work, some might not.

You will notice from some of the descriptions that some of those are programs for people who know well, the games or sports they are betting on.


I’m thinking if I go into a casino with a few hundred dollars in my pocket that I am willing to lose, why not gamble on one of these systems? It seems like it would make that game or season more fun, oh and how would you feel if you did better than all your friends?

LET US KNOW HOW IT WORKS OUT FOR YOU, GIVE US A REVIEW OF THE SYSTEM YOU TRY. We’d love to hear your stories about your gambling adventures or mis-adventures!

1. Fully Verified Winning System Since 1999 & Vip Club Picks! Winning Sports Picks & Predictions By – NHL, NFL, MLB And NBA Predictions And Picks From The Best Experts In The Industry + Fully Automated System Proven Since 1999.

2. Daily Winning Club. Affordable Tips That Make Huge Profits!

3. Win 9/10 Games With Silver Lotto System. Ken Silver’s Million-dollar Silver Lotto System, 1 Minute Setup, Players Winning 9 Out Of Every 10 Games Since 1991.

4. Carl Hepworth’s Winning Tips. Average Over 18pts Profit Per Month With Carl Hepworth’s Winning Tips.

5. Doubling For Dummies. The Only Strategy On The Market To Guarantee Success! Doubling For Dummies Creates Highly Profitable Opportunities.

6. Stott’s Aw System Profit Over 17pts Each Month. Over 17pts Profit Each Month Since January 2014. Win On The Aw With Stott’s Aw System.

7. Formula 1 Lotto System. The Only Lotto System That Guarantees Wins 8 Out of 10 Lotto Games Played. Now, 23 Years Of Helping Lotto Players Win More. Everyone Wants To Win Lotto.

8. Classacts Horse Racing Portfolio. Horse Racing 3 System Portfolio, Time Saving, Easy To Use And Long Term Profits. Do You Really Need Anything Else?

9. Wheeling Number System For Pick 6. Works For All Lotteries Such As New Jersey Pick 6, Singapore Toto… Lotteries Involving 6 Numbers.

10. 7 Day Winners. Fantastic Tipster Service. 7 Day Winners Converts To All Betting, Make Money And Gaming Lists.

11. Winslips Lotto System – See It In Action. Amazing Lotto System. Works For All US States And 45 Different Countries. Very Affordable To Use And Play. Integrated 1-ticket System For Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions, And Many More Lottery Ball Games. No Hype, No Bull. Pure Logics At Work.

12. The Racing Insider – Racing Tips That Make A Long Term Profit.

13. The Exterminator Sports Betting System By Author Of The #1 System. The Sports Betting Champ Is Back With The Latest Exterminator Betting System! Author Of The Most Successful Betting System Product Ever Sold With The 2014 Release Of The Exterminator System!

14. Professional Horse Racing Tips. The Pro Betting Club Is A Team Of Professional Gambling Experts And Horse Racing Tipsters Who Have Been Providing Customers With Successful Betting Information.

15. Horse Racing Betting Service Bet Alchemist. Profitable Betting Service. Brilliant Profits Over The Last 7 Years And You Can Do The Same Easily? Stop Losing Start Winning Using My Selections. 1 In 3 Bets A Winner At An Average Winning Price Of Over 7/1! Now That’s What I Call Huge Value.

16. NFL Picks – NFL Betting Picks System. Honest And Winning Handicapper Providing NFL Picks For The Entire Season.

17. Total Betfair Football Trading – 10 Systems Package. The Most Complete Guide To Football Trading On Betfair.

18. Betting SamuraiBetting.  Samurai The Winning Horse Race Betting System Is Now Available And Is Guaranteed To Take Your Profits To The Next Level. NOW THIS SEEMS LIKE A PROMISING SYSTEM, IF YOU LOSE YOU CAN ALWAYS COMMIT HARI KARI.

19. Bundesliga Bets. German Football At Its Finest, 166.27 Points Profit. Bundesliga Bets Delivers Daily Winning Selections Via Email For Every Single Day Of The Action!

20. Roulette Sniper – #1 Premium Roulette System. Screw Forex, Win At Roulette. Make Good Money – Works At The Online Casino!

21. Powerball Winning Strategies. Powerball Winning Strategies – Brought To You By The #1 Lotto Vendors.

22. The Picks Buffet: Access Up To Hundreds Of Sports Handicapper Picks! Author Of The Best-selling Exterminator Betting System Unleashes The All-new Picks Buffet! Gain Access To Expert Picks Of Up To Hundreds Of Sports Handicappers For Less Than The Price Of 1 In This One-of-a-kind Membership!

23. Best Sports Betting Software Ever Created – Best Experts In The Industry + Fully Automated Software Since 1971.

24. Automatic Winners. The Most Unique Betting System Around – Product Just Launched – Get Onboard Whilst It’s Hot!

25. Sports Betting Simulator – Get The Technological Advantage. Sports Betting Has Now Become Synonymous With Analytics. This Is The Only Site That Uses High-level, Advanced Mathematics To Create A Winning Sports Betting System.

26. Win 91.3% Of All Your Sports Bets Following Smart Money! My Unique System Takes Just 70 Seconds Per Day To Use. Use It With Football, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Boxing, Ufc, Rugby, Ice Hockey, Rugby, Plus Many Others.

27. Blackjack Sniper Software – Advanced Strategy Slaps The Casinos Silly. Win At Blackjack. Make Great Money. This Is High Converting Blackjack Gambling Software That Works In The Online Casinos. Youtube Videos And Multi-language Support.

28. Value Football Betting – Football Software Generating Profits. Value Football Betting Is The Best Place To Make Consistent Profits With Value On Your Side. Bespoke Value Finding Software.

29. Machine Gun Lays. The Best Lay Betting Service On The Planet!

30. Stableracewinners. Paul Price Presents Stable Race Winners Daily Winning Horse Racing Selections Sent At 7am, GMT.

31. Lucky Days. Successfully Tested On BBC TV. Free Evaluation.

32. Revolutionary New Soccer Systems! For The Fourth Year We Reveal These Soccer Systems That Bring Over 240 Units Profit Every Year! No Scam Here. All Bets Are Posted On Our Results Window On Our Site. Join Now!

33. Tales Of Roulette Strategy. Get To The Next Level. Play For Real. Tales Of Roulette.

34. Lotto Profits – High value Lottery Software. Very Unique Lottery Software – Converts For Any Lottery, Betting, And General Traffic.

35. Roulette Boss – How To Win At Online Roulette Like A Boss! Are You Fed Up With Losing Your Cash To Online Roulette? Are You Tired Of Buying Bogus Roulette Systems And Software Packages That Doesn’t Work? Discover A Long Term Winning Roulette System That Really Works! Win $$$ At Online Roulette Like A Boss!

36. Sportsbettingstar Sports Betting System. Well Designed Website With Awesome Conversion Ratios. Rated One Of The Best Sports Betting Systems Today! This Product Sells Itself.

37. Horse Betting – Huge In USA – High Quality Product Created By 37 Year Horse Veteran.

38. Tipster Warehouse – Home To Some Of The Most Profitable Tipsters.

39. Learn The Secrets To Texas Hold’em From Top Poker Pro Jonathan Little! 2-time WPT Champion, Jonathan Little Reveals His Secrets To No Limit Texas Hold’em That Helped Him Earn Over $4 Million. Includes Over 6 Hours Of Video. Watch As He Explains Exactly What He’s Doing.

40. Pick3stats Pro – Superior Pick 3 Lottery Software. Amazing Pick 3 Lottery Gambling System – Pick3 Is The World’s Most Popular Betting Game – Analyze Daily Lotteries With A Click On A Button – See Instant Results – Recently Updated – Pick3stats Pro Is Now $47.00 US – One Time Payment.

41. False Favourites High Quality Horse Racing System Proven To Win. One Of The Uk`s Most Respected System Developers Delivers A Method Proven By Top Review Sites.

42. The Secret Is Here, Win Over $100,000 Or More…This Keno Winning Stategies Report Illustrates How To Hit The Big Jackpots. Learn From An Expert On His 10 Winning Strategies With This 38-page Report. See His W-2g IRS Forms To Prove It. A Free Pure Keno Software Game Is Included For Download.

43.Total Tennis Trading 8 System Package. The Most Complete Tennis Trading Product On The Market. Includes 8 Strategies & Ten Videos Along With On Going Bonuses And Analysis

44. Roulette Bot Pro – Automated Roulette Betting Software. Roulette Bot Pro Is A Powerful Automated Roulette Betting Software That Lets Users Create Custom Betting System. Get Your Free 3 Day Trial Now.

45. How Simple Tennis Bets Make $1,357.19 Daily In 90 Seconds – PROVEN!

46. Roulette Tycoon | New Roulette System. Roulette Tycoon Is An Unbeatable Roulette System.

47. A Pick 3 Lottery System. Drastically Increase Your Chances Of Winning Your Pick 3 Lottery.

48. The Festival Value Service. A Horse Racing Tipping Service Focussing On Value Selections For The Big Horse Racing Festivals In The Uk.

49. 500 Every Week From Betfair. How I Use My Systems To Make 500 Pounds Every Week On Betfair From Anywhere In The World.

50. Roulette Swagger -new High Converting Roulette Software. Brand New Live Wheel Roulette Software. Nothing Like It Out There. All The Other Are Rng Based Software. This Is The Real Deal.

51. The Real Animal. Mark “the Animal’s 30th Football Season Begins In August, 2010. 5-year NCAA Record Is 52-35 NFL 49-33. More Records At Site. Premium Play Analysis And Modified Consensus Including Maingate Group, Wildcat Sports, 10 Totals Club, Etc From Sept-April.

52. The Vegas Nightmare! Wall Street Math Genius Cracks The Code On Sports Betting & Unleashes His System To The Public! USA Sports MLB,NHL,NCAAFB,NFL,NBA,NCAAB. Membership W/ 24×7 Support For Clients With An Industry Leading High Retention Ratio And World Class Marketing Assets!

53. NHL Betting Picks – Hockey Betting System, NHL Betting Picks From A Trusted And Honest Handicapper.

54. Ultimate Lottery Package! 2013 Lottery Package + New Software!

55. Reverse Roulette – Beat The House Edge! The First And Only System To Beat The House Edge In The Long Term! Uses Even Money Bets With No Progression.

56. Best Sports Service In The Country. Hottest Site!! Easy Way To Make Big Money! Our System Works So Well It Creates Very Loyal Customers.

57. Roulette Assault – Assault The Casino. Take Money Hostage. Casino Gambling Strategy That Will Blow Your Mind. The Game Of Roulette Has Never Experienced A Bigger Threat, And The Players Are Going To Eat This One Alive! Consider This Casino Robbery, Get On It!

58. Real Lottery Winner Shares His Lotto Secrets. Lotto Secrets Of Real-life Lottery Winner. Quick, Simple, Proven Techniques To Dramatically Improve Your Odds Of Winning Lotto. Suitable For Any 6-ball Lottery. See Proof Of $1,008,742, $1,374,195 Wins. 100% Risk-free. Since 2002, As Seen On TV.

59. Roulette Reaper The Internets #1 Premium Roulette Calculator. Stop Wasting Your Time.

60. Lottery Software For Mega Millions And Powerball.

61. Soccer Betting Secrets – Make Your Bookie Your ATM Machine. Kill Your Bookie With These Asian Handicap Soccer Betting Secrets That They Don’t Want You To Know – Sure To Hang Them By Their Balls!

62. Pick3sniper – New! Brand New Pick 3 Lottery Gambling Tool – 100% Accurate Cluster Predictions – Lightning Fast Data Analyzer Unveils Hidden Future Trends – Catch Both Boxed & Straight Pick3 Wins – For Budget Players – Available For All Pick 3 Lotteries Worldwide.

63. Sports Profit System: Make $xxx,xxx Promoting The Best Sports Picks!

64. Safebetplan Dynamic Staking Plan Software. High Conversion & Customer Satisfaction Proven In Own List Sales.  Software Boosts Return On Any Sports Betting. Turns Losses Into Profits. Works With Racing, Soccer Or Any Regular Betting Scheme.

65. Football Betting Master –  The Hottest Football System And Tips Service.

66. Easy Money Blackjack System – Discover The Winning Secret! A Better Blackjack Strategy That Requires Minimal Concentration & No Card Counting. Our System Has Brand Name Recognition & Sold In Printed Format Very Successfully. Get In!

67. The Definitive Source To Truly Winning At Craps!

68. First Four Betting Systems Ebook. Ebook For First Four Betting Systems And Trifecta Betting Systems.

69. Lottery Software – Customers Love This! Lottery Winning Formula Is The Best Lottery Software Out There For Predicting The Winning Numbers For The Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5, And Pick 6 Game!

70. My Mathematical Formula 2015. My Mathematical Formula. For Horse Racing Worldwide. This Is The Best Horse Racing Book Ever Written And Will Never Be Beaten.

71. Value Lay System. After 2 Incredible Years On The Market, Horse Racing’s Finest Laying System Is Still The Most Consistent Lay System.

72. Win At Roulette / Ganar A La Ruleta / Casinos Online. El Software De Ruleta Mas Vendido En El Mercado Hispano. Ahora Tambien En Ingles!. The Best Selling Roulette Software In The Spanish Market. Now Also In English!. Magnificos Resultados. Excellent Results.

73. The F F F Plan, Extra!  On Market Since 2005, Superb Reviews. This Racing System Has Stood The Test Of Time, It Works, Easy To Use, Excellent. Full Records.

74. Learn Tennis Trading From A Full Time Trader. Everything You Need To Get Started Trading Tennis On Betfair. There Are Strategies And Videos To Show How Things Work Plus A Huge Amount Of Information To Speed Up The Learning Process. Lifetime Support Will Help You Take Your Trading To The Next Level.

75. Tipster Supermarket. We Provide A Stable Of Successful Tipster Services. All Have Been Proofed Live On Our Site For 90 Days.

76. The Blackjack System – You have seen the rest now get the best. The Blackjack System Is Supported By Video Evidence.

77. Otlsports. Sports Picks Daily.

78. Mike Warren Sports Picks. Brand New Online Sports Picks From 40 Year Sports Betting Veteran Mike Warren! Customers Walk Away A Winner Every Weekend All Season Long Playing His Unit-rated College And Pro Picks!

79. Roulette Betting Software – Casino Scalper System 2.0 Is A Fully Automated, Web-based Roulette Betting Software That Covers All Random Occurrences In Roulette. Casino Scalper System 2.0 Converts Online Casinos To Atm Machines!

80. The Compiler System – 90% Hit Rate Football System. This Is 25,000 Words Of Detailed Research Into Soccer Betting And The Aspects The Bookmakers Consider When Publishing The Odds.

81.The Baccarat Insider – This Is A Brand New System/software Directed. Fantastic Way To Make A Good Amount Of Money.

82. Ultimate Betting Systems – 15 Hidden Secrets/loopholes Are Revealed! Includes – Sports Betting Loophole That Wins 100% Of The Time! Beat Casinos At Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Craps & More. With Video Testimonials, Winning Proof & Professional Video Intro.

83. Roulette Bot Software | Win Roulette Online. Our Roulette Robot Is Made To Play And Win At The Online Casino. Proof In Video!

84. Vegas Hotsheet – The Las Vegas Football Authority. Weekly Football Exclusive From The #1 Football Syndicate In The Nation. Honest, Monitored Handicapping Delivering Real Results. Online Since 1998.

85. Maximum Profit Blackjack. Winning Blackjack System.

86. Software Easy Money | Easy Money Robot Software. We Have Created An Automated Software That Wins Money At The Casino Online By Himself!

87. The Balay System. The Fantastic Horse Racing System Which Earns You Money Whether The Horse Wins Or Loses! And It Must Win Or Lose! Original, New Investing System Making Money On Every Selected Race, Whatever The Horse Does! Buy It Now!

88. Unique Soccer Investing Program – 99% Win Rate Membership System! Amazing System! Our  Members Stay With Us!!!

89. Wired figs. Expert Horse Racing Information.

90. Learn Lottery – Created By World Renowned Hypnotherapist Steve G. Jones, Learn Lottery Is Designed To Help You Mathematically & Statistically Increase Your Chances Of Winning The Lottery.

91. The Fancy Fillies System. 5 Years Running, Full Records Proven, Consistent, Regular Profit, Reputable Authors, One A Day Bet Suit Professionals/part Time Punters. With Free 3 Month Selection Service Included.

92. Roulette Raper V2.5 — The Dam Fine Decision For All! Forget Everything Else, Roulette Raper Is The One They Notice! Make Easy Money! Players Want This One When They See It As A Real Life Casino Trainer And Online Casino Money Raper!

93. The Worlds 1st Effective Roulette Software That Actually Works!! Roulette Psychic Is The First Piece Of Roulette Software To Actually Deliver Consistent Profits.

94. Horse Betting System For Maidens. The Original Maiden Horse Betting System, Maiden Magic.

95. Horse Racing Handicapping. This 94 Page Book From Mathematician & Author, Gordon Easton, Will Sharpen And Improve Your Handicapping Skills And Increase Your Winning Results At The Track. For Serious Horse Race Fanatics Across The Globe. Pick Six Formulas Included. Quick Download.

96. Premium Soccer Predictions-80-90% Strike Rate. Premium Soccer Predictions.

97. Wineachway. Logical Racing Betting System And Membership Site. Based On Sound Principles. Newly Released.

98. Beat The Lotto – Beat Any Lottery. Top Mathematician Cracks Any Lottery And Now You Can Buy His System. Math Professor Reveals His ‘secret’: A Truly Unreal Way To Increase Your Odds At Winning The Lottery. Seriously This Has To Be Seen To Be Believed Absolutely, 100% Mind-blowing!

99. Tells Kitchen Poker Tells Training Videos. Unique Training Program On Live Poker Tells. This Is A Totally Unique Website.

100. Easy Trader Pro 2 – 3 Years In The Making! The Sequel To The Monster Betfair Trading / Horse Racing System… Insane performance!

101. The Sure Roulette Method. What If You Could Play Roulette And Know You’ll Win, Every Time? Follow The Free And Easy Test Strategy As Outlined. If You’re Not Convinced That The Sure Roulette Method Works, We’ll Return Your Money. Win Every Time Or It’s Free. Guaranteed!

102. Win Craps Money, Get Odds In Your Favor & Win Big, Consistently! Winning Craps Money The Wrong Way. New Way Of Looking At Craps. Eliminate 80% Of The Table & All Sucker Bets. The Correct Way To Get Odds In Your Favor. Outlines Best Betting System & Stop Loss Strategy. Reduces The House Edge To The Very Lowest Possible.

103. World Football Betting Tip. Football Betting Tipster Feared By Bookmakers Reveals Secret System.

104. Outstanding Poker Training Centre – Start Making Money Today! Poker Training From The Pros.

105. Bingo Bonus Blaster – Sells Like Hot Cakes. This System Really Works!

106. Surebetmaker. A Sports Betting Software That Helps You To Win Every Time No Matter The Outcome Of The Event. Use Surebetmaker And Never Lose Again. Interface For European And USA Players: Choose Between Decimal (EU), Fractional (UK) Or American (US) Odds Format.

107. How To Become A Successful Betfair Trader. Huge Amounts Of Cash Is Won And Lost On The Betting Exchanges. You Can Learn How To Trade These And Lock In Profits Before An Event Takes Place. Get My Ebook & Online Videos And Start Making Regular Profitable Trades Today.

108. Sports Betting System | Win Win Sports Betting Finally Here !!! Sports Betting System All The Expert Tools You Need Provided. Will Make Anyone Money If They Can Follow The Step By Step Instructions. Plus Along With The Sports Betting Systems Each Person Who Purchases Will Receive Free Rooms In Las Vegas, Nevada.

109. Xpressmoneybot | Automated Software That Wins Money. The Xpressmoneybot Wins Money By Himself And You Don’t Need To Do anything. Incredible!!!

110. Golf Betting System – Golf Banker. Selling Betting Picks For Golf Events. Proven System!

111. Greyhound Racing Tips – Get A £1 Trial. Beat The Bookies With The Uk’s Most Popular Greyhound Racing Tipster. – Not Many Good Tipsters Yet Lots Of Punters After Greyhound Racing Tips.

112. Puntology Professional Gambler Home Study Course. Home Study Course Which Teaches All Aspects Of Professional Gambling And Horse Racing Selection. Written By A Full Time UK Based Professional Gambler.

113. Football Trading Portfolio. Football Tradiing Portfolio Is A Superb Football Trading Service For Use On Sports Betting Exchanges Such As Betfair, Betdaq, Matchbook.

114. Dream A Lottery Win Tonight. System Hits More Numbers More Often 90% Of The Time.

115. How To Win The Lotto. Discover The Proven Strategies Used By Underground Lotto Pros To Systematically Win The Lotto.

116. Unique Sportsbook Investing Program – 99% Win Rate Membership System! Amazing System! Members Stay With Us!!!

117. Half Dollar For $600: Pick 4 Cash 4 Lottery System. Predicting Triples And Quads In The Pick 4 Games Just Got Easier. Tired Of Watching “triples” Go By, Time After Time, Without A Clue As To When The Next One Might Fall? Let Sbip $999 Guide You With “trigger Combinations” To Watch For And Play Sets To Win!

118. Kanzen’s Roulette Winning Strategy. How To Win At Roulette. Strategic Information, Tips, Helpful Advice And A Roulette System You Can Buy Online.

119. The Pro Punter Package. Learn How To Become Part Of 1% Of Punters Who Actually Making A Profit From Races. You Can Be A Total Beginner Who Knows Nothing About Horse Racing And Use This Toolset To Start Making Money Fast.

120. Victor Value Racing –  An Established Tipster Service. Full Tools And Resources To Help You Maximise Income. Recommended Horse Racing Tipster Service By Independent Reviews.

121. Roulette Physics Visual Prediction. We Teach The Players How The Casino & Their Dealers Win Each And Every Spin. No Math No Electronics Involved.just The Skills That The Dealer Use ! Will Be Available For The Player .we Also Offer Live Training Via Skype And Online Demonstration.

122. Best Sports Picks Service. Proven Service. Tracked Sports Picks.

123. World’s Number 1 Horse Betting System! Gives You Massive Earnings!!! Robert Shelvey’s Hugely Successful Horse Betting System!

124. Betting Manager – Manage And Calculate Your Bets & Raise Your Profits. Betting Manager Is A Betting Tool With A Built-in Calculator, That Helps To Manage & Raise Your Betting Profits, Using A Smart Management Secret (system). A Brand New Software Converted Already From The First Day. Great Winning Tool For Every Punter.

125. Professional Horse Racing Service. Professional Betting Service That Makes Consistent Taxfree. Our Team Is Specialised In Different Areas Whether It Is, Handicap Form Knowledge, Systems, Ratings, Breeding, Flat, National Hunt.

126. Double Or Nothing Sit & Go Strategy Guide! Unique Poker Product. There Are No Other Double Or Nothing Sng Ebooks Out There. The Ebook Is Two Volumes: Vol 1 Is Strategy, Vol 2 Is Hand Example Application.

127. Expert Horse Training And Handling. Time-proven Horse Training And Handling Course.

128. Ezdraw Random Number Picker Software. Easy To Use And Attractive Number Selector Software For US And UK Bingo Or Raffle Style Games Requiring Random Numbers & Ticket Printing.

129. UK Horse Racing. All The Tools And Softwares You Need To Get A Head In The Game Of Making Profits In The UK Horse Racing Scene. Whether A Backer Or Layer, Or Straight Out Trader The Tools And Knowledge Can Be Found Here. Exciting Softwares And Systems.

130. Luck Engineering. Can You Influence A Throw Of Dice? Can You Influence Random Events? Or Cards? Can You ‘bend’ The Rules Of Chance In Your Favor? Absolutely Yes. In The New And Controversial Sequel To His Former Best Seller, Phil Gosling Shows You How And Why.”amazing”!

131. Crush The Regs Sit N Go Strategy. The Crush The Regs Sit N Go Strategy Members Portal Provides Online Poker Players With The Most Effective And All-inclusive Resources To Dominate Sngs. It Is Run By One Of The Top Staking And Coaching Businesses In The Industry. Great Player Reviews!

132. The Gamblers Report. Sport Picks Daily.

133. Equalizer365 Software Turns Losing Bets Into Winning Bets! Easy-to-use Betting Software – Videos Show Simple Steps. Shows How Much To Bet On Any Sport! Consistently Win Betting On Horses. Strategies Plus Winning Picks!

134. Blackjack For Profit – Start Winning. How To Beat The Game Of Blackjack. Start Consistently Winning Big Using Blackjack For Profits Simple Strategies And Counts. Ebook Reveals The Techniques That The Casinos Don’t Want You To Know.

135. Six Figure Betting.

136. Roulette Hits. Roulette Hits Is The New Hope. The Only Way To Be Successful. Go Play!

137. First Half Goals – Football Betting System. First Half Goals Is A Fantastic Football Betting System For Use On The Sports Betting Exchanges Such As Betfair, Betdaq, Matchbook.

138. 2014 Lotwin Lottery Line Builder. One-click Version Of Best Lottery Software Is Out Now More Than 30 Filters. Lotwin Professional Lotto Software Available On A Monthly Risk-free Subscription. Real-time Statistics Analysis More Than 110 Lotteries Supported.

139. Profit From Racing.  30 Day Trial And Superb Results. Make The Easiest Money You’ll Ever Make!

140. Win Str8 Club. The Only Club That Gives You The Winning Numbers For Your Favorite Lottery Games And Puts You In Charge Of Your Own Play Lists , For Serious Lottery Players!

141. Winning Sports Betting Picks. Winning Is A Habit Not A Luxury On Our NFL Picks, College Football Picks, NBA Picks, College Basketball Picks And MLB Picks, This Season Is Going To Be Our Finest Year Ever.

142. Sports Picks From Tony, Get His Game Day Selections Each And Every Day.

143. Acemanpicks. 64.5 % In All Football The Last 3 Years And 22-7 In Games Rated 5 STAR Or Higher, Acemans Football Now Available To Gaming Public.

144. – Developing Top Level Winning Players For 10 Years. You Can Learn This Game Correctly And It Can Be A Serious And Consistent Income Stream … But Don’t Be Misled By These Scammers Trying To Steal Your Money With Bogus Claims. Find Out What 99% Don’t Know In A Narrated Seminar By A Vegas Pit Boss.

145. Lottery And Casino Ebook. Pick 3 Lotto System As Well As Tips To Playing Roulette, Texas Holdem And The Fruit Machine Cheat Guide!

146. Online Poker Code Crack. Hottest Poker Product On The Market, Online Poker Code Is Your Solution, Reveals The Secret Algorithms Of The Pokersite Software And How To Win.

147. – Guaranteed Sports Picks. Is The World’s #1 Ranked Sports Handicapping Service! Winning Way Sports Offers NFL & College Football Picks, NBA & College Basketball Picks, Baseball Picks, And Hockey Picks. Sign-up Now For 100% Guaranteed Sports Picks!

148. Professional Roulette Advisor.

149. First Favourite. Profitable Betting Tips Provided Every Day.

150. Sports Picks. Sports Picks.

151. Valley Sports. Sports Handicapping, Sports Picks, Stats Matchups And Much More.

152. Sports Picker Vip Membership. Get Exclusive Access To Sports-pickers Award Winning Sports Picks, Predictions And Event Reviews.

153. Craps Stars – Learn The Game That Wins Money. The Casino’s All Have Games That Are Their Cash Cows. The Game That’s Least Understood By The Player Or Promoted By The Casino Is The Game Of Craps. So Why Is This ?… In One Word “money” Learn The Only Casino Game The Casino’s Don’t Want You To Play.

154. Expert Sports Picks – Expert Football Picks. Professional Sports Handicapping Service Offering Expert Football & Basketball Picks From The Best Sports Handicappers In The World! Hit 65% On Top Releases Last Season!

155. Expert NHL Betting Picks- Daily NHL Picks By Email. Expert NHL Betting Picks With Detailed Write-ups Sent Out To Email Subscribers Daily. We Are Honest, Reliable And Consistent With Our NHL Betting Picks.

156. Dailyracingprofits. Live Betting Account’s,-246 Consecutive Bets ,£1626 Profit,147 Wins,63 Losers.small Stakes.3 Manuals Illustrate The Different Ways To Bet On Horse Racing,on Exchanges To Pin Point Selections In Atleast 75% Of Any Days Racing,to Attain These Results.

157. Australian Horse Racing Systems. Professional Systems That Apply Easily To Australian Horse Racing. Developed Specifically For Use With Betselector Software.

158. Dukewins Sports Handicapping– NFL, NCAA, NBA, MLB. Sports Handicapping Selections And Picks. Dukewins!

159. Pick addict. Winning Sports Betting Picks.

160. The Soccer Live Betting System – 10 Winning Strategies. The System Contains 10 Tested And Proven Strategies And Other Essentials To Observe For Live Punting Success.your Ultimate Money Making Tool. All The Live Betting Secrets To Win Money On Every Match Day.

161. Kikisports. #1 Rated Capper On The Net. 2002 Top 5 Winner- Las Vegas Hilton NFL Super Contest, Then Again Top 15 In 2004–a Proven Winner 365 Days A Year !!

162. Blackjack mastery. Stop Being A Loser At Blackjack. Play Like Me And Turn Hundreds Into Hundreds Of Thousands.

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