I saw a pole that said 50% of the U.S. voters felt that Mitt Romney would not have done a better job than Barack Obama. 50% of the electorate must be terribly ignorant of what just happened. The U. S. A has lost ground in every measurable way. The only country that may have done worst in the last 6 years is Greece, and the way the Greek voters figured they would get out of their mess is to elect a Communist!? I am sure the above 50% would also think a Communist would be a viable choice. I say 50% of America has not suffered enough and they deserve 8 more years of the same, under Hillary Clinton.

It seems the republicans have repeatedly chosen middle of the road RINOS for their Presidential Nominees. If they do so again, like for example Jeb Bush, I’m saying home on election day. Someday down the road when the whole Nation looks like Detroit does today, maybe they will wake up and elect people that are not buying their votes with your tax dollars. Notice I did not say their tax dollars, because fewer and fewer of them pay taxes. The following are my picks for the Republican Presidential Nominee. I would accept anyone of them for VP. There are a couple of my choices I know would not be strong contenders, but I still like them. I ranked them according to who best represents my values and who I feel is most likely to win. With the exceptions of Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin, who I know would have difficulty winning, I just like these women. I gave the women extra credit because I believe they would gain more of the women and undecided votes, these women would represent us well. The minorities listed would also garner a few more swing votes and these minorities would go a long way in repairing the damage that Obama has done to the black image in the eyes of the American voters.

Dream ticket: Condoleezza and Marcom, in any order!

I think the Nominee should be chosen at the National Convention like was done in the past. Why suffer through debates where Republicans beat up on Republicans? The VP should also be chosen by the delegates, not the Nominee. That VP should be chosen by us, the Party. We should decide who is a heart beat away from the Presidency and the possible front runner in 4-8 years.