Ebola Monkey


Ebola not next world pandemic but close relative. Ebola even a threat to the West? I think not! I would never minimise the danger or the devastation Ebola is and has caused. My heart goes out to the people in the infected areas. Aid should be sent to them like in any other disaster. Did you know there is a vaccine that would prevent Ebola? Ebola not next world pandemic but close relative. There is, for animals, it has not been approved for use on humans, because of lack of funding. See what Wikipedia says about Ebola. Realise the people who would need such a vaccine have little to no money to afford it or much of anything else. Ebola not next world pandemic but close relative. But all health care and medicine aside the first line of defence against such a disease is SOAP, not so much for the infected, but for those who don’t want to be infected! I would not jump on banning travel from those effected countries. The people who travel in and out of there can afford soap. Many if not most of the travellers  would be professionals, business people, aid workers and the like. But consider this, for decades you could not bring a live animal into the Philippines or Australia without putting that animal into quarantine until it was determined it would be safe to allow that animal to enter the county. Ebola not next world pandemic but close relative.Would it not be practical to advise people traveling from infected countries to plan on staying for a period of time in a nice quarantine motel and have them budget money for that in their travel plans? Did you know that the song “Ebola” is number one in Liberia? Have you read The Hot Zone? It has been in print since the first out break of Ebola. Ebola not next world pandemic but close relative. I fear West Africa if going to suffer greatly, what do you think? Like and Share

Want to avoid Ebola? Don’t eat the monkey!