It is possible that you could be attacked for no fault of your own. What to do is a tough call. Fighting back or a beating.  You may not have the temperament to fight back or you may fear that if you fight back you will be hurt more. How would these feelings add up if someone you cared about was with you and they were attacked. If you are a man it is expected that you would protect those you are with, fighting back or a beating.

Not fighting back will affect you more emotionally than if you suffer the beating.

Reality is we may not know anything about martial arts or fighting, and we may not be in good physical shape, we may be disabled in a way that is not visible and/or we may just be too old for physical confrontations. So we need an equaliser. If you are violently attacked any equally violent response is acceptable. Unfortunately reviewing the aftermath in court your response may not look so good for you. You cannot bring that dark parking lot, those angry violent threats, the fear you felt for yourself or your loved one, into court. If you have a gun and shoot an unarmed person, God help you. Does George Zimmerman shooting Trayvon Martin ring a bell? The same would apply to using a knife. These unfortunately are facts of life on our streets today.

But you need leverage, a rock, or a bat or how about this a Yawara stick? Never heard of one? Check out the video and consider that any stick like object 7-8 inches long, from a flashlight to a folded knife can be used the same way. A little practice of the Yawara technics is all you need to use them.

It will not be as good as years of martial arts, top physical condition and youth, but it will help, if only enough to get you out of there.