I am of two minds about prepping, first you reasonably need to be prepared for the most likely emergencies, from a child falling off the swing to a tornado raging through the neighbourhood. It is not much more effort to set yourself up for a longer term disaster like a financial collapse. It is recommended you put together a first-aid kit emergency life saver rather than buying one off the shelf. I agree but buying off the shelf gives you the box/bag and most of the basics needed. Then just add to that the items you know you personally will need. I found most if not all first aid kits are short on bandages for major bleeding wounds. A large sterile roll of gauze and pads need to be added. First-aid kits you have at home, in your car, at you work or in your BUG-OUT-BAG will vary.

My suggestion to you, is before you purchase the first aid kit, take a first-aid course. I have had a lot of first aid training, in the military and in my law enforcement career. Every year I took a refresher course. I was required to participate in this training, when I found myself not paying attention I was reminded that I would quite likely be dealing with a medical emergency one day. The victim could be a loved one. I know from experience that when you have to deal with an injured person you desperately want to do the right thing as quickly as you can. The only way you are going to be able to do that is to be current with your first aid training. Things change over time. That CPR course you took 10 years ago is not the same today.

With all the modern support available to you now all you have to know is CPR and control the bleeding until the ambulance comes. But what if the ambulance is not coming. Even without a major disaster it is possible that you could be a long way from the help you need and the victim may die or be permanently disabled. I hope I am just stating the obvious here, it is just a reminder for all of us, “STAY CURRENT ON YOUR FIRST AID TRAINING” and then take the next step, take the ADVANCE FIRST AID COURSES” Too much time, effort and expense? Tell that to the dying child you are responsible for.

Consider what a soldier is required to know to aid an wounded comrade and keep him alive for the next few days, and to get him back to an aid station. This is not unlike being in an area after a hurricane swept through with injured people.  If you have advanced first aid training, you are more of an asset to your community than you may realise, because many people have no training at all. Sometimes even the police and firefighters are a bit careless when it comes to aiding people. Does this sound shocking and disrespectful to “the first responders”? Maybe a little, most first responders are highly trained and motivated, this is what they want to do, save people’s lives.

I could tell you many things about first aid that are not common knowledge for people who have only taken a basic first aid course, but you really need to get this information from people who teach advanced first aid. Again, I am encouraging you to do so, you may one day save my life.