Hand luggage suitcase a must have on either domestic or international flights.  I’ve flown my share of commercial flights, both domestic and international and my feeling is I’d rather walk!

My first time on an airplane was when I was eighteen, in the Navy Reserve in Seattle and they gave me an airline ticket to fly to San Diego for Boot Camp. I was required to wear my uniform and I was quite proud to do so. I thought, how hard could this be, on the plane in Seattle off in San Diego? They landed in San Francisco; I got off to stretch my legs, and then went back on the plane to resume my flight. At the door they asked for my ticket. I told them I had left all my things in my seat. I was allowed to board and waited to fly on to San Diego, when I heard the pilot say we would be landing in Denver in… I asked the Stewardess if that wasn’t a little out of the way to go to San Diego? A quick check of my ticket indicated I should have switched planes in San Francisco. I was horrified, I knew I would be court-marshalled and sent to the brig. But the pilot turned the plane around and let me off. I carried my hand luggage suitcase awkwardly up the aisle, I was so embarrassed I felt a court-marshal would have been better.

 As a police officer in 1970 I boarded a plane out of San Francisco, again to fly to Seattle to visit my family. I was asked if I was carrying a gun. I said I was,  the pilot was consulted and said it would be ok if I unloaded the gun. I got on without taking the gun from the concealed carry holster and never gave it a thought. I then flew a number of other flights on official business, such as interviewing out of State witnesses and/or bringing back prisoners or witnesses. I would tell them I was armed, show my police identification and there were no further questions or concerns.  How times have changed. Someone pointed out that the 911 hijackings were a training tape for every future flyer. If someone hijacks your plane and you do not want to die you had better take immediate action.  Only now you will have to take that physical action without your fingernail clippers.  I have carried a pocketknife in my pocket every day since I was a Cub Scout; I am particularly irritated that they will not allow me to carry a pocketknife on the plane. I have lost a couple of pocketknives, because I got to the barding gate and forgot I had a knife in my pocket.  So someone does something stupid or in this case criminal, the thinking is every law-abiding citizen should be disarmed. Does that sound like any other ideas those in power have along those lines, like gun control? Remember do not ever carry anything like a pocketknife in your hand luggage suitcase.

LUGGAGE I have had my share of unpleasant experiences on the airlines, I will not continue to bore you with my sad stories, if you fly occasionally I know you had had similar experiences. What I would like to address is the physical process of dealing with luggage. To put it simply the airlines cannot be trusted with your suitcase. Give it to them enough times and it is guaranteed they will lose the suitcase or something will be stolen from it. Then you have the wait-time while they unload the suitcases. This can be quite painful after a long international flight.  I have now resolved the luggage problems by only using a hand luggage suitcase. This is quite easy to do, even on international flights, what is not so easy is convincing the wife she can do this too.

What does this have to do with bugging out? It is one bag that can be packed in advance. Whenever you are ready to go, you can pick up the hand luggage suitacase, with the confidence knowing you have everything you need. Throw in a few papers and grab your passport, get a plane ticket on-line or at the airport and you’re off and running.   What could the hurry be? I can think of a lot of legitimate reasons, from a death in the family, to a great and not to be missed business opportunity and then there are the not so legitimate reasons.

 The following video by Chris Dunn shows you how to pack your hand luggage. I like the idea of having no outside pockets on your hand luggage suitcase.  I would also recommend you get clothing that is designed for travel, light weight, easy to wash and dry and needs no ironing. Regarding the no ironing or wrinkle free, more clothing manufactures advertise this feature and there are some excellent products out there. You must try these products to make sure they perform, as you would expect.

 A few of the items Chris Dunn suggested are listed here as well as where to get them on line. I will throw in this disclaimer, if I have it, can borrow it or otherwise get it for little to nothing that is what I recommend doing. I buy many things on line, because I know that I can get the best price there and it is easy to shop around. Other items I want to feel and try them on first and/or I do not want to wait for them to be delivered. I do support local businesses whenever I can and if the sales clerk goes to the trouble of helping me out, I am going to buy the product from him.