ISIL vs Hitler's Germany

ISIL vs Hitler’s Germany

Compare, ISIL vs Hitler’s Germany, Hitler was an impotent blowhard in his first term in office he could have been put in his place by a strong Allied response.  Then given a few years Germany could have retired him and the world could breathe a little easier. Looking back on that time in history, Germany looked like a civilised country with a long history of culture and freedom of expression. After 1936 Hitler and Germany were responsible for  the deaths of 6 million people in concentration camps alone, the wasted lives of million of their own soldiers and others sacrificed when the war was obviously lost. It was not until the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and Germany declared war on the USA that America felt compelled to do anything about Germany’s acts of aggression on their European neighbors. The atrocities the Nazi committed were not revealed to the public until after the war was over.  With that in mind, ISIL makes the Nazis look like nice people, of all the reasons America has gone to war, this seems to be one of the most compelling reasons. We know up front that atrocities are being comitted. Tick off all the wars America has been involved with and the reasons that justified those wars, short of Pearl Harbor those reasons seem pretty lame in comparison. In ISIL you have a budding organisation whose full time activity is to commit atrocities and whose stated goal is to attack the “Great Satan” aka USA. So like what happened with Hitler, Allied nations will wait until they have to act. Waiting will mean, thousands of atrocities and innocent lives lost, while the West waits, while ISIL builds in strength, then when they are militarily as strong as the Allies, and overtly attack an Allied Nation, then it will be justified to attack them back, after all it will be a fair fight then, a fair fight and even if the Allies do not loose they will suffer great loss.