Have you ever notices, the less you do the less you want to do the more you do the more you want to do and when you are active you always feel better? Here I have listed 80 things you can learn. Why?  just for the fun of it! Challenge yourself to learn just one new thing each year. I’ll tell you why, not that you couldn’t tell me, the more you use your brain the stronger (smarter) the brain gets. It has something to do with all additional connections that are made within the brain, don’t worry your brain will never get too full. Two things that are a super plus for the brain is to learn another language and/or to learn to play a musical instalment. Neither of these skills do you have to do perfectly to get the benefit. The more stuff you stuff in your brain the better you can understand the world you live in and by extension the better you will enjoy life. I’m a bit slow so I am proceeding slowing, but with tremendous constancy. Every week day I devote some time to the subjects I have challenged myself to learn. At times it is dead boring, but then I make a break through and that feels like I have just submitted Everest. The following are a number of courses, I can’t tell you if they are any good, I’d like you to review any  you try, to let us have an honest easement. Most of these courses are quite modest in price, so what the heck it is worth a try.

1. Human Anatomy & Physiology Study Course – Students, Educators, Practitioners, Trainers, Nurses, Paramedics.

2. Speed Study Techniques – Top Selling Book. “get The Best Grades With The Least Amount Of Effort”. The Title Says It All. Reveals Speed Study And Accelerated Learning Techniques So You Can Study Smarter, Not Harder. Simple System That Anyone Can Use To Improve Their Grades And Earn More Money.

3. Learn More, Study Less: The Video Course. A Course For Learning Faster. Aimed For Students, Professionals And Self-learners.

4. Introduction To Basic Electronics Hands-on Mini Course. This Product is for Hobbyists And People Curious To Learn Something About Electronics Without Taking A Class.

5. Paramedic Study Guide – Audio Format, Awesome! Downloadable MP3 Paramedic Study Guide For Paramedic School Or Preparing To Take The National Registry (NREMT) Paramedic Exam.

6. Math Without A Calculator! Learn How To Do Math In Your Head! Discover How To Do Math In Your Head! Develop Math Confidence, Overcome “math Phobia”, And Easily Pass Math Tests. Simple Methods From Veteran Math Teacher Make Math Fun. For Kids And Adults. Get “a Head For Math” Today. This is a skill we would all like to have.

7.The Spelling Bee Toolbox Tm. . Bees Are Popular All Over The World. We’ve Sold These Products Globally,. Are you or someone you know going for a Spelling Bee, this may make the difference between winning and loosing, or just spelling better.

8. Ways Of The Lsat Winners. You Should Be Reading This Ebook If You Are Aiming At A 170+ Lsat Score.

9. Rainbow Reader Reading Games And Phonics Games. Improve Kids Reading Skills With These Reading Games And Phonics Games For School Or Homeschool Education – Full Color Childrens Games – Printable Board Games, Card Games, Bingo Games, Domino Games Etc. Ideal For Teachers, Parents And Homeschoolers.

10. Worksheets For Preschool. Presented In A Format That Is Fun And Informative, These Workbooks Cover All The Basic Skills A Child Needs For School-readiness. Developed By A Pre-school Teacher.

11. Speed Reading Secrets. Read Up To 5 Times Faster With Improved Comprehension And Memory.

12.Learn Thai – How To Learn Thai Fast. The Only Thai Language Application In CB And Reasonably Priced. Fit into the Thai community, know what the locals are saying about you.

13. 31 Days To Faster Times Tables. Guide Your Child To Faster, More Confident Times Tables In Just 31 Days! The Worksheets, Audio, Video And Activities Will Increase Your Child’s Times Tables Skills And They’ll Have Fun Doing It Too!

14. Automobile Electronics & 4-stroke Engines. Automobile Electronics & 4-stroke Engines Book Explains The Vehicle Technology, Electronic Engine Management, Diagnostic And Testing Procedure As Well As Function And Operation Principle Of Each Engine Component On New Automobiles Generation With Overview.

15. Startlikeme: #1 Membership Site For Making Money On Youtube. It’s The #2 Hottest Website In The World And Already Hundreds Of People Are Making 6 Figures On Youtube As A Youtube Partner.

16. The Million Dollar Server Ebook. An Incredibly Funny Book That Teaches Any Waiter Or Waitress How To Double Their Tips While Keeping Them Wrapped In An Interesting Plot.

17. Weekly Hebrew Classes With The Dream Team. Learn Hebrew With Two Of The World’s Top Hebrew Teachers. A Fraction Of The Price Of Competing Courses.

18. Fun Spelling Practice And Word Play Puzzlers. Any-word Spelling Practice Ebooks & Fun Spelling Worksheets For Early Learners. Perfect For Teachers, Parents And Homeschoolers. Educational Ebooks Suitable For Grades 1-6. Also,101 Word Play Puzzlers For Word Enthusiasts!

19. Guitar Goals Online. Guitar Goals Online Is An Interactive Video Training Course That Will Take A Beginner Guitarist From Ground Zero To A Fully Capable Guitarist. Learn The Magic And Mystery Behind Great Guitar Playing.

20. Fun Workbooks For Preschool And Kindergarten Kids. 5 High Quality, Educational Jumbo Workbooks For Kids 3-7 Years Old. Fun, Creative And Engaging! Get Ready For School.

21. Driver Knowledge Test – Online Tests For New Australian Drivers. New! Online Dkt Tests! A Top Of The Art Online Website For Australian Teenagers To Practice For Their Real Driver Knowledge Test (in Order To Become A Car Driver!). These Tests Are Only For The “new South Wales” Area.

22. Pilgrims Unit Study. This One-hour Audio Includes A 36-slide PDF Showing You Many Projects And Activities That You Can Do To Understand The Pilgrims And What Thanksgiving Is All About. How Would You Like To Make A Mayflower Ship Off Your Back Deck? Your Kids Will Love It! This sounds ideal for a special Thanks Giving the family will remember forever.

23. Mixlessons. This Is The Webs Most Methodical And In-depth Course On Modern Mixing Techniques For The Home Studio Enthusiast! Weekly Video Lessons And Fully Downloadable Sessions To Practice On.

24. Music Theory. A Comprehensive Course On The Subject Of Music Theory From Beginning Terms Through Secondary Dominants, Chord Building And Progressions, And Harmonic Analysis.

25. Language Courses – PDF/MP3. The Nls© – Method Is A Fast And Efficient Way To Really Learn To Speak A New Language And To Keep This Ability For Your Entire Life. No Boring Grammar Lessons, But Speaking Form Day One With Our Proven Nls© Method. Grab Our PDF And MP3 Now!

26. Litworks.com. Provides English Literature Study Guides To High School Students And Teachers

27. Teach Your Children Well: A Christian Guide. This Ebook Is Designed To Help Christian Parents Teach Their Children Christian Doctrine, Christian Virtues, Rightly Interpreting The Bible, And Guarding Against False Beliefs. The Book Provides Many Word Pictures Parents Can Use In Teaching These Truths.

28. Start Acting! The Complete Package For Actors & Teachers. The Complete Guide To Help Anyone Start In The Acting Industry. 10 Ebooks With Tips From Industry Professional, And Original Scripts To Use In Auditions, Workshops, Showreels And Competitions.

29. Enrolment At Award Winning Virtual School. Parents & Grandparents Are Motivated To Help Their Children & Family Succeed In School. On Enrolment To Virtual School. Replace Expensive Home Tutors With Powerful Learning Through Video Games – A Scientifically Proven Approach.

30. Boundaries For Writers. Why Do Writers Need Boundaries? Because Poor Boundary Protection Derails Your Writing Dreams Faster Than Anything Else. Writer Kristi Holl (author Of 42 Books Plus Writer’s First Aid And More Writer’s First Aid) Shows You How To Guard Your Writer’s Heart!

31. Cheat-proofed English Grammar Test Worksheets. With Password Auto-marking Feature, Autotick English Grammar Test Worksheet Is Cheat-proofed, Unique, Effective And Best Of All, No Supervision And Manual Marking Are Needed, Which Means Besides Improve English Grammar It Also Save Time, Money And Effort.

32. Essential Tips When Choosing A College. Choosing The Right High School To Send Your Children To, Is A Critical Decision That Every Parent Has To Make. This Guide Provides 23 Essential Tips For Parents To Consider When Making This Key Decision.

33. 55 Videos Of Science Experiments For Kids To Do At Home. 4 Guides Of Science Experiments For Kids To Do At Home. Included 55 Videos Of The Science Experiments For Kids. Science Experiments For Kids Physic Experiments For Kids Chemistry Experiments For Kids Biology Experiments For Kids. This would be as much fun for you as it would be for the kids.

34. Learning Ebook Public Speaking With Confidence. Learning Ebook And Study Materials And Course On How To Public Speaking With Confidence. Perfect Guidebook For Improving Speaking Skills. Can Be Top And Best Digital Product. Cheap Speaking Skills E Book That Everyone Like To Buy Where Gaining Is High.

35. Geometrical Quickies & Trickies. Geometrical Quickies & Trickies Is A Singapore Bestselling Problem-solving Title With 200+ Trick & Tricky Geometry Questions. It’s Suitable For Grades 6-9 Students & Mathletes, And For Teachers & Tutors Who Wish To Challenge Their Students Mathematically.

36. Wanna Learn To Play Piano Asap? Drop All The Boring Bits Like Reading Sheet Music, And You Can See The Results In Just 2 Sessions! My 25years Of Research & Development Guarantee It! With This, Besides Piano, You Can Expand To Play Guitar , Accordion, Flute Or Any Other Instruments!

37. Italian Fashion Design Course – Learn About Italian Fashion Design ! Milan Fashion Campus Women’s Wear Fashion Design Course E – Book Available By Download Complete Course With Video Lesson !

38. Common Cents Financial Home Study Course. A Step-by- Step Home Study Course Guide Designed For Those Who Want Great Control Over Their Hard Earned Money , Written For The Young Wage Earner And As Well As The Experience Wage Earner. This Ebook Will Help Anyone Become A Pro At Their Finances!

39. Magnetic Interviewing Strategy Guide – How To Ace Your Interview. Magnetic Interviewing Teaches People How To Gain The Slight Advantage Over Their Competition To Ace Their Interviews For College, Graduate School, Jobs And Internships. 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

40. Nail Every Note. Nail Every Note Is An At-home, Video-based Vocal Training Product With A Huge Collection Of Over 120 Video Lessons, Over 35 Exercises, Over 200 Tips And Tricks, Hours Of Real Student Lessons, Over 150 Exercise Backing Tracks, And A 35-page Ebook.

41. Wiznotes Note Taking Software. Wiznotes Note Taking Software Is An Essential Tool For College Or High School Students. Wiznotes Goes Far Beyond Storing Your Typed Course Notes. It Has Many Features That Can Actually Help You To Learn Your Course Material And Pass Your Exams! Sounds like a nice gift for some young student.

42. Mandarin Chinese + Hsk Training Educational System Membership. Know Students Eager To Learn The Most Widely Spoken Language In The World.

43. Rocket Spanish! CB’s No.1 ‘learn Spanish’ Product!

44. Rocket French– Right after English the international language.

45. Learning Italian Like Crazy. Learn How To Speak Italian With A Fun And Easy Method.

46. Speak Japanese In 30 Days Flat Guaranteed. Brand New Product On CD. High Quality Course Taught By Native Japanese Speakers.

47. Rocket German! Goes will with every Mercedes.

48. Rocket Korean! Top Selling Korean Course!

49. Espresso English E-books & Intensive Courses. Improve Your English With Our E-books And Courses On Speaking, Vocabulary, Collocations, Slang & Idioms, Grammar, Pronunciation, Business English, Phrasal Verbs, And More!

50. Rocket Hindi! Top Selling Hindi Course! 300 million people to talk to.

51. Rocket Languages- American Sign Language No accent or pronunciation problems to deal with. This should be the international language. The American planes Indians used sign language to communicate across the spoken language barriers.

52. Rocket Portuguese. Top Selling Portuguese Course!

53. The American Accent Course– Top Selling ESL Program. The American Accent Course Is A Top-rated Membership Program That Helps Non-native English Speakers Lose Their Foreign Accent. It Goes Beyond Traditional ESL Classes And Shows 2nd Language Learners How To Use Intonation And Rhythm For Successful Speech.

54. Learn Arabic – Master The Arabic Language, Finally! The Quickest, Smartest Way To Master The Arabic Language With A Fully Integrated Learning Environment Set Within A Context Of An Exciting Island Adventure!55.

56. 60 Minutes To Learn The Thai Alphabet.

57. Russian Language Course For Lovers. This Is The Russian Language Course Specifically For Dating And Relationships. It Solves The Huge Language Barrier Problem In Russian Dating. This Product Is Essential To your Success.

58. Take The Confusion Out Of Learning Hebrew. Another Top Quality Product Teaching The Quickest And Easiest Ways To Learn To Speak Hebrew Fast.

59. Learn Malayalam Audio And Text. Learn To Speak Malayalam Using Audio And Text.

60. Real Brazilian Portuguese. Learn Brazilian Portuguese Fast By Focusing On How The Language Is Spoken In Real Life. With These Techniques Anyone Can Be Communicating Within Days. Brazil Is Hosting 2014 World Cup And 2016 Olympics So It’s A Great Time To Learn Brazilian Portuguese.

61. Practical Hebrew. Learn To Speak The Hebrew That Really Matters Using Sound, Video And Text.

62. Learn To Speak Tagalog With Audio. Learn To Speak The Tagalog (filipino) Language Using Audio And Text.

63. Learn Bosnian – Learn To Speak Bosnian Language Using Audio And Accompanying Text.

64. 60 World Talk Cards. Just One World Talk Card Is Worth Many Hours Of Talking. The Fundamental Idea Behind The 60 World Talk Cards Is To Have Mini A World That Can Be Used By Anyone For Any Language At Any Level. It Is Like Having A Swiss Knife For Language Learning.

65. Jamorama – The Ultimate Guitar Learning Guide. A Dominating Force In Online Guitar Lessons For Over 10 Years, Offering Highest Quality Hd Video Guitar Lessons From One Of Youtube’s Most Successful Guitar Gurus! Amazing Customer Success Rate And Testimonials. Make Money In Music!

66. Learn Piano Today!

67. Guitar Mastery Method. Huge Guitar Video Membership Site With Lifetime Access. Increase Guitar Speed, Master Scales & Theory And Nail The Tricks And Techniques Used By The Pros.

68. Ukulele Lessons. Highly Popular Uke Course. Discover How Jp Allen & Mitch Chang Have Helped Thousands Of Students Fulfil Their Dream Of Playing Ukulele And Learn Their Favorite Songs.

69. Concentrated Violin Lessons.

70. Make A Marimba. Comprehensive Plans To Build Your Own Xylophones, Marimbas, Vibraphones And Other Commercial Quality Percussion Instruments.

71. Online Violin & Fiddle Lessons. Video-based Violin And Fiddle Lessons That Teaches Beginners How To Play.

72. Easy Christmas Guitar. “Easiest Holiday Songs Ever For Guitar” 12 Holiday Classics You Can Play With Just 3 Easy Chords. Solid Instructional Videos By Lisa Mccormick, Leading Internet Guitar Instructor.

73. Instant Piano Chord Finder. Instant Piano Chords Finder Software.

74. Pitchperfector Trains You To Sing On Pitch In 10 Minutes!. Every Singer Sings Off Pitch – It’s Only A Matter Of How Much And For How Long. Breakthrough Software Trains You To Be Singing On Pitch In 10 Minutes.

75. Online Violin Lessons – No Competition. High Conversions! Learn Violin Online! – Hundreds Of Step-by-step Video Tutorials That Makes Learning Easy And Fun! Video Tutorials By World Class Violin Teacher And Player Kelly Jeppesen.

76. Simple Sight Reading. This Ebook Teaches Any Potential Musician How To Read Music Quickly And Easily Using The Revolutionary 9 Note Target Method With No Memorization Of Odd Sayings Or Years Of Painful Struggles Trying To Sight Reading Sheet Music.

77. Saxophone Guru – The Ultimate Guide To Playing The Saxophone.

78. Professional Songwriting Secrets. A Professional Songwriter Finally Exposes His Hot Tips, Tricks, And Inside Techniques On How You Can Write Unique, Powerful, And Catchy Songs Anytime You Want.

79. Sing Opera Now: Learn How To Sing Opera.

80. Tearing It Up – Learn Heavy Metal Guitar, for Rabid, Hungry, Obsessive, Heavy Metal Fans!!