If you planted an operative at a high level of the American government how would that operative actions differ from what President Obama has and is doing now? Lets take the wars as an example. Obama decided to abandon Iraq, a modern, country with natural recourses and an educated population in favor of a war of attrition in Afghanistan, which has non of those features, in fact just the opposite.

If you watch video footage of how the war is being waged in Afghanistan it is soldiers using small arms firing at some unknown number of insurgents out in the distance. One comment was made by a commander on the ground was, “We cleared them out of there many times before they just keep coming back.” I have to wonder where is the air support or artillery. Where are these effective drones? One advantage the coalition of Western nations must have is modern weaponry. When you saw war footage of the Viet Nam war, if they located the enemy it was napalm time.

Obama is a big proponent of the drone strikes. It is said he increased the strikes in Northern Pakistan by 600%. If that was ten strikes, to start with, that would be 600 now. I suspect there was more than ten strikes to start with so there must be many hundreds to thousands of strikes going on now. The argument and the reports are that these hundreds to thousands of drone strikes are not every effective and they aid in Al-Qaida or Taliban recruitment, very effective if you are on the side of the enemy.

Why don’t they put more real effort into killing the enemy in Afghanistan? There was what was called a black-ops action to rescue some kidnapped aid workers. They were able to identify where the hostages were being held, via cell phone use. The SAS and Navy Seals were sent in and assaulted two caves where the hostages were suspected to be, this was at great risk to the rescuers. They were successful in killing all the kidnappers and rescued the hostages. Great job, but if they have the capability to do this, why are they not repeating that exercise again and again, with drone or other air strikes?

Now that you have the enemy really annoyed and the recruitment going strong, it seems to be a good time to pull out and President Obama gives them a deadline to plan for the resumption of power in Afghanistan. Ok, you’ve fought in Afghanistan, you are a career military officer, tell us what our military is really doing, what tactics are they using and that this is right way to conduct such a war and why was it a good idea to abandon Iraq in favour of Afghanistan and now to abandon Afghanistan.

My humble opinion is as long as they pose no threat to us who cares. Let’s make it simple, say the next 911 type incident should be addressed with carpet bombing.