On the 13th anniversary of 911.   On this memorable date America is still threatened by the same terrorists enemies.

Doesn’t America appreciate what poor leadership it was to allow a large portion of Iraq to fall into the hands of ISIS? On the 13th anniversary of 911.  America and the Western World are threatened by terrorists that want to cause great harm and deaths. Like it or not these people are a threat to civilisation, and America and/or the Western Nations must go back in “boots on the ground” and retake that country.

On the 13th anniversary of 911.  This time divide the country into three states that are more autonomist than not. Make an agreement to share the natural resources. A few generations of this, tensions will lower and they will be in a better place to cooperate, as they were expected to do in the first place.

On the 13th anniversary of 911.  What is this nonsense about the Iraqi government dictating what the conditions are? They were a defeated country; Neither Germany nor Japan dictated conditions after WWII. When it was deemed safe to do so, then America and the Allies backed out. Oh the U.S. did not back out, they are still in Germany and Japan. German benefited from this during the Berlin blockade and the fall of the Berlin Wall. Japan is benefiting today as China is threatening to take over more Japanese lands and ocean area controlled by Japan. The same should have been done in Iraqi and for that matter, Afghanistan.

You think this would be too costly in gold and lives? On the 13th anniversary of 911.  Just wait to see what this mistake costs in your bloody future.