Protect My Freedom Proud American.  This is a great statement and I am proud to be an American and I know that every American solider that has gone to war has protected my freedom.

I want to THANK a soldier for protecting my rights and freedom.

Please honour these brave men and women who protect your freedom every day that you breathe free air.

I am almost the last person who should be talking about military issues. I spent the Viet Nam war as an enlisted sailor out of Charleston, South Carolina. Looking back it was the first time away from home and my first youthful experience on my own. I complained about it at the time, but I was lucky to be under the control and care of the U.S. Navy, God only knows how much trouble I would have gotten into if left to my own devices. So it was just enough control and freedom. I am still proud of my service, there are other things in my life I am not so proud of and looking back on my stint in the Navy makes up for a lot.

Jane Fonda and her kind were considered traitors at the time and I still feel that way about them. Jane Fonda continues to be the darling of the left and well she should be, for their cause she was a hero. Just today I heard Jane Fonda say that she was proud of her resistance to the Viet Nam war and that we would have never won that war anyway.

The U.S. forces and out Allies never lost a battle in Viet Nam, but as one Viet Nam General put it, “That does not matter, you lost the war.” The fact is we lost the war politically on the street in the free world. The protesters, Jane Fonda and others like her leading them won the war for their side. Certainly a lot of mistakes were made politically inside and outside of Viet Nam, but the unilateral pull out left South Viet Nam defenceless. The North Vietnamese Army with the aid of our now good friends the Red Chinese conducted a mass overland invasion. At that time if America Navel Forces and air power were still in place backing the South Vietnamese that invasion would have surely failed.

A lot of the Vietnamese who fought with the Allies were abandoned. I think that is a shame. But many fled to the U.S.A. There were a few bad apples, but for the most part these were the best Viet Nam had to offer. In 1985 Hund Vu and Jen Ngyyen, both Vietnamese born, graduated from West Point and in that same year the top graduate for the Air Force Academy was Vietnamese.

As the Viet Nam war and every other conflict before and since then has been about Americans defending our freedom and those other countries’ freedom. It is in our tradition to stand up when called and to face the enemy with undying loyalty and stamina.