I accept on face value that this Radically Invasive Projectile (RIP) does everything that they say it will do and what is shown it does in the video. This Radically Invasive Projectile is designed for self protection, but I would say it seems better suited for war. You fire a round like this into a person they are dead or seriously injured and are less likely to benefit from medical aid. The spread of those “Trocar points” through the body are going to cause a wide area of damage that is truly going to be challenge for any surgeon to address.

One reviewer of the Radically Invasive Projectile said, he had no problem with that, the round does exactly what he would want it to do. By that I assume he means it will kill. When you fire a gun in self-defence, say you aim for centre of mass, that would be in the centre area of the chest. The impact area would include the heart and lungs. You should know that is likely to be a kill shot. If you cannot justify killing someone don’t fire.

If you fire a hollow point round, even one designed like the Black Talon that expands to present nasty looking talons that are designed to rip flesh, the round is still likely to be intact. Those hollow points will also do what you want, that is they will stop a person in their tracks. If that person survives it will be a lot easier for a doctor to remove the intact projectile and possible save the person’s life.

A hollow point is designed to spreads out and will tend to stay in the person shot, thus imparting all its kinetic energy into the subject. The important point is it stays in the person shot. It does not pass through into another person standing behind. Observing the RIP being shot into the ballistic jell that look to be over 2 feet long.  The base of the RIP would pass right through a person.

Another feature of this RIP was its ability to shoot through cinder blocks. I would be a bit concerned about my round going through a dry wall, let alone a cinder block. I’m not looking to shoot some other person in the house.

All that being said, I see a value of a Radical Invasive Projectile being use in a .380, I do not feel a .380 has the knock down power needed for self-defence.