It is easy to have enough food on hand to survive the average emergency, but you need; survival food that can save your life.  For example if the power goes out for a day or so. Whenever you see anything about preppers, you see that they seem to have tons of food. They store up enough food to last them years. Why would anyone need over a year’s supply of food? I can thing of three reasons off hand why you need survival food that can save your life:

  • A nuclear war or accident where most of the world is contaminated, if you have a deep underground bunker, with a filter air supply that will keep you safe for years until the radiation levels drop to a livable levels. That would not only take years it may take generations, good luck with that bunker, a week-end confined to a summer cabin with my relatives was enough for me to wish for nuclear holocaust.

  • A super volcano, blanketing the earth with ash. Again underground with filtered air for at least a year.

  • A large meteor hitting the earth, same scenario as above.

Why would you need years’ worth of survival food? I doubt that you ever would. But you do need food and it is possible that after a major disaster you would not be able to resupply for up to a month. So to be on the safe side check out that pantry for a four weeks’ supply of food for all the members of your family, extended family and a couple of dear friends or neighbors. This alone could add up to quite a lot of food.

In the video below Wranglerstar pointed out 2 things to think about 1) What if you are unemployed for a year, that could happen, due to injury or the economy. 2) Food prices and the price of everything could go up quickly and dramatically.

Back to the food needed, I would suggest the below listed items; buy them in bulk, (Cheaper per item/pound). Rotate the food, eating the oldest items on your shelves first and then replacing them with fresh items. This will also assure you are familiar with these items so you are used to eating them and can make enjoyable meals. There may be other items you want but you must ensure you have the basics.