Take the law into your own hands. As an ex- Police Officer and Detective I know for a fact that the police are ineffective without the support of the public. I made many arrests that have led to the successful prosecution of a difficult murder case to prove when the crime was committed in an affluent neighbourhood and failed to solve an easy to prove murder in a poor neighbourhood. This was not because of my great expertise as an investigator or my lack of competence.

 I’ll tell you about two cases, one was an out of town tourist who was robbed and shot to death in the Nob Hill neighbourhood of San Francisco. No one in that neighbourhood knew any of the parties involved, but every witness cooperated fully with the police. The neighbors came forward and told us what they witnessed. It was small pieces of information that proved very helpful in identifying the perpetrators and prosecuting them. Things like one witness said, “I heard shots at about 3:15 am.” Another witness said, “The car was a convertible, with a black roof and red body.” We assessed that a possible route of escape was 5 minutes to the Bay Bridge. Later in the investigation the big break came, where big breaks most often come, from various informers on the street as to who the perpetrators may be, then the perpetrators rolled on each other. The description of the car was also tied to the driver. It actually took a lot more work to arrive at solving this crime, a crime that would have never been solved without the help of the public.

 About that same time period I had a case where a youth was shot during the day on a crowded “inner city” street. A typical gang related crime. Most everyone in that neighbourhood knew the victim and the perpetrators. This was the result of a series of disputes that ended in this awful murder. One of the eyewitnesses was the victim’s uncle! Not one of these witnesses would talk to the police. It was soon ascertained who all the perpetrators were, but without co-operation from the witnesses, no search warrants were possible to obtain and no arrests were made, but at least nobody got a “snitch jacket”.

 This is exactly what is happening in Chicago and other gang ridden cities all over the world, daily if not hourly people are shot down on the public streets. The bond between the police and the neighbourhood is broken in Chicago, so the criminals have free rein. No laws or gun control will ever bring order to a neighbourhood that does not support the police.

 I am trying to get you to understand a very important principle of civilisation and in particular what makes the USA safer than other democratic countries, it is that the individual citizen is in charge of their own safety and uses the police to ensure criminals do not rule their lives.

 I am particularly upset when I hear a high-ranking law enforcement official suggests that people should not “take the law into their own hands.” The common meaning of “law into your own hands” is actually taking punishment into your own hands, like lynching someone with no trial. What these police officials mean is no one should use a firearm to protect themselves or others and should not make a lawful arrest. They feel this type of activity is the sole province of the police.

 My feeling is that anyone who says this type of thing has not spent much time working with the public in trying to solve crimes and make arrests. Also note who these high ranking law enforcement officers are, they are people who owe their positions to liberal politicians.

 If the police or those politicians who govern break that bond with the people, by giving the impression that only the police should enforce the law, that society is going to be ruled by criminals. Look no further than Mexico, Columbia, India, you name the garbage pit and you can see clearly why this is the case. When the government takes total control of your life they will then insist that you pay them for the privilege of living under their control and they will also be bribed by criminals.

 This is not only my opinion; this has been my experience and observations.

I am a little nervous using the following Sheriff Sue Rahr video as an example, because she may be talking about just having law enforcement “make nice” with the public instead of doing the real job of supporting the public efforts to deal with crime. But as far as what she says here, it is correct.