Obviously you need clothing, but think about it, if you are hit by a disaster and you have to bug-out or shelter in place, what things you must have in your parka pocket. Maybe you would not have a choice, you leave or hunker down with what’s on your back.

I read and review all the prepper information that I can. It is an interest of mine. I am not a prepper, but I do believe we should all be prepared for emergencies. History of the world and in fact the history in my neighborhood indicates disasters have happened and are likely to happen again. Does this make me an expert? Hardly, I think you are the expert and I want to hear from you.

What do the best-dressed preppers wear? Some start out in the morning thinking today is the DAY and I should have on my person things that will help me survive. But in case it does not happen today I have to be able to do my job, interface with my coworkers and the public without seeming out of place. These preppers always have on them things like a pocketknife, para-cord bracelet with a flint for fire-starting, a mini flashlight and the imaginative list goes on….

See video below, I like the Urban Prepper and his views on prepping as he seems more practical and real-life than many of his fellow preppers.

In many parts of the word it is a good idea to have a jacket, like a comfortable parka with a hood. Why not have these survival things in the pockets of the parka? A parka can be put on over your suit coat or any other clothing you might be wearing. This parka should be near you at all times, this could be in the trunk of your car or hung up at your workplace. When needed all you have to do is slip it on and go. If you live in a very warm climate a fishing type vest might be considered, it may be just too hot to wear a parka.

In any case owning and wearing a Parka means you are prepared and ready to go!